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E-School of The Prophetic  Ministry, Level 1 (Boot Camp)

School of Prophetic Ministry, level 1 (Prophetic Boot Camp)

Monday, February 6, 2017

8:00pm(est) - 9:30pm(est) 

A powerful 4 weeks Prophetic Boot Camp training, imparting and activating. You will be spiritually stretched and the gifts within you stirred up and activated. You will learn the difference between: The Gift of Prophecy (Gift of the Holy Spirit) and the Ministry Gift of the Office of the Prophet ( A Five-Fold Leadership Mantle of Jesus Christ).

Facilitator: Minister Karen Boyd

In addition, the following dynamic topic discussions will teach you:

  • The Purpose of Prophetic Ministry
  • God's Purpose for Prophets
  • The Nature of Personal Prophecy
  • Five Expressions  of Prophecy
  • Learning to Hear the Voice of God
  • Guidelines for Judging Prophetic Words
  • Guidelines for Prophetic Etiquette
  • Levels of Prophetic Ministry
  • The Language of God: Vision and Dreams
  • Five-Fold Ministry "Leadership" Gifts (Apostle, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers)
  • The Holy Spirit and Prophecy
  • Spiritual Gifts & Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • The Seven Motivational Gifts


* PROPHETIC ACTIVATIONS: You will be given a platform for your grace to be activated during class times.

* REAL LIVE MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES: You will be given the blessed opportunity to activate your gifts and to minister prophetically during our weekly DDM Wisdom Speaks/Prayer Teleconference Calls.

* HEART CENTERED SUPPORT: Unlimited e-mail support through our exclusive E-Learning Center.



Facilitator/Instructor: Minister Karen Boyd

Upon satisfactory completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Four Consecutive Mondays of dynamic Prophetic Booth Camp Training & Activation

Virtual course via teleconference calls and On-line Leaning Center

School of Prophetic Ministry - (Level 11) 
Growing and Sharpening Your Prophetic Edge

Spiritual Training & Development: Six consecutive Mondays virtual classes via Tele-conference Calls & private Learning Center

School of Prophetic Ministry, Level II

Monday, March 20, 2017 (6 weeks teaching, training & activating course)

8:00pmEST - 9:30pmEST

Facilitator: Prophet Deitre Lynn Johnson

Newly Expanded Course: 16 Power-Packed Prophetic Learning Modules

The Prophetic Ministry is more than giving people "the Word of the Lord" once in a while. God wants you to be His oracle, or one who speaks on the behalf of God inspired or influenced of the Holy Spirit.

Our divine intention is to develop a prophetic  kingdom community who can hear and act on the voice of the Lord. We will endeavor to nurture and support you in your desire to grow, develop & expand in the anointing of the Prophetic Ministry, which glorifies the Lord, thru offering the following weekly learning topics, activations & discussions:

* Contending for the Fullness of the Prophetic Anointing

* The Prophet's Ministry of Impartations, Gifts and Spiritual Power and Anointings 

* Prophets Who Protect

* Prophets At The Gates

* Spiritual Authority and Submission

* Nurturing the Prophetic Ministry

* Practical Ways to Grow in The Prophetic

* Prophetic Activations

This will be a life-shifting 6 weeks of instructions, coaching, imparting and activating  which will require deep humility as learners; expressed in a teachable spirit as you go to greater depths spiritual maturity and advance in prophetic ministry.